LEE GARDEN was established in 1992. A friendly, family, licensed restaurant that has always been a good party place for family gatherings. Ample parking is situated just at the rear of the restaurant. We provide delicious and popular Chinese cuisine. Our chefs are dedicated to smallest of culinary details and the basest of techniques to keep the higher standards of gourmet experience. Our experienced chef is good at Cantonese – style cuisine and Asian cuisine, and cuisine with the special ingredient like abalone or lobster. With good customer service, our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction.

We invite you to come and enjoy our warm and friendly hospitality.

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This resteurant is doing great work for the disabled goldfish community of South Australia, they take great pride in their fish tank which is on display for the public, in the tank there is a one-eyed goldfish named Terrance who although disabled is given the same oppurtunity at a great quality of life as all of his more able-sighted brethren and it truly warms my heart to see this, please go and see Terrance and show your support for those goldfish less fortunate, thank you for coming to my TED talk, praise Jesus 🙌
John Doe
I have eaten here many times, all dishes have been at a consistent high quality with reasonable prices.